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SP 14 n° 3/5
09041 Dolianova (CA)

Founded in 1954
Dolianova (CA)

Argiolas Formaggi has been producing goat and pecorino cheeses for more than 60 years with wisdom and passion. The Company was founded by the Argiolas’ brothers, Ennio and Eligio, in 1954. Today, Argiolas Formaggi is among the major producers of pecorino and goat cheeses in the Italian market, winning several international competitions such as the Alma Caseus, International Cheese Award and World Cheese Award.

The family company aimed to create a connection with Sardinian territory, with a product that combined tradition and innovation. Our recipes valorise all the characteristics of Sardinian milk, providing a unique and special final product. For Argiolas Formaggi, quality is, above all, made of values, such as respect for tradition, technological innovation, attention to research and commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Main markets

Italy, Japan, England, USA, Germany


BRC Food
IFS Food
Pecorino CLA
Halal Whad
Organic ICEA
ISO 22000


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