Molino Casillo S.p.A

Wheat flour and semolina


Via Sant’Elia Z.I.
70033 Corato (BA)

Founded in 2008 
Corato (BA)

Quality, innovation and a constant focus on sustainability issues are the pillars of Molino Casillo’s operations as a leader in the production, processing and marketing of wheat. In full respect of nature and of the teachings of tradition, we produce flours and semolina of excellence, continuing to evolve with professionalism and passion in a constant search for perfection.

Our story began in 1958 when, after learning the secrets of wheat and milling from his father, Vincenzo Casillo started his own business in Corato, in the province of Bari. Thanks to a know-how matured over many years of passionate work, we have succeeded in transforming the ancient art of semolina and flour production into a complex and cutting-edge process. In 1990, when Vincenzo’s four sons Francesco, Beniamino, Pasquale and Cardenia joined the company, we established our international leadership in the flour market, maintaining the same principles of loyalty, transparency and respect that are the foundation of our family and of our work.

With an innovative approach based on the valuable work of the Research and Development department, we produce and distribute a wide range of flours and semolinas produced to meet every need and able to ensure an excellent result in every field of use. Many of our flours and semolinas are produced with 100% Italian wheat.

For us at Molino Casillo, the high quality standards of the raw material, respect for the environment and the enhancement of the territory are the fundamental ingredients to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, a goal that has always been at the heart of the commitment of Molino Casillo's workers.

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