Siciliani SpA

Livestock meat


Strada Provinciale Palo Bitonto
70027 Palo del Colle (BA)

Founded in 1979 
Palo del Colle (BA)

Siciliani Spa has been the leader in the meat industry for over 40 years.

By following strict production regulations and establishing their own supply chain of veal, pork, and beef, they offer a unique and high quality product.

The plant covers an area of over 20.000 square meters, and was built using the industry's most modern technologies.

The slaughterhouse of about 8.000 square meters, is one of few to be fitted out with three different slaughter lines. Always attentive to the needs of different markets, the plant is even equipped to perform ritual slaughter.

The capability of the staff, the speed of execution of sub-sectioning and the automation of the packaging and labelling processes, are essential in preparing to sell carcass halves and cuts of the highest quality. Over 1000 square meters for the production of freshly ground meat, burgers, skewered meats and sausages. Finally, a modern system of freezing for burgers and processed meats, also places Siciliani spa in the frozen meat sector.

A meticulous logistical organisation ensures an efficient distribution service both in Italy and abroad.

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Main markets

Haiti, Egypt, Guinea, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bosnia, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Armenia, Hong Kong, Vietnam


Halal International Authority
ISO 14001
Prodotto certificato
ISO 22005:2007


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