D’Amico’ s Limited Edition “Designer Jars” 2021

02 August 2021

We are proud to present D’Amico’s 2021 collection of “Designer jars”, this year bears the signature of the Master of contemporary art Umberto Manzo.
In this sixth limited edition, the company offers consumers a unique format and design.
This year's theme is Work, told through the four capsules of the maxi-format of 700 gr. Umberto Manzo drew Man and Woman faces, followed by the ever attentive and vigilant Eye that controls and guides the Hand in harvesting or sowing infinite beauty of nature. Four Jars to encapsulate the values of tradition, classicism and beauty, that go beyond images and generate relations between view and emotions, perfumes and sensations. The experience of senses and taste is unique.
Once you have tasted the product, thanks to Designer Jars you will have at home a real design and furnishing object. Furthermore, you can give the jar a real second life by transforming it into a practical and elegant container to keep food and other objects.
Discover new Umberto Manzo’s Designer Jars available for the following products Eggplants, Sundried Tomatoes, Rustic Artichokes and Pitted sweet olives of Castelvetrano.

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