Bella di Cerignola green olives

Picked when thay are still unripe, or when they are in the middle of ripening, they may be green or black, in oil or in brine, giant, stuffed or pitted: D'Amico's Olives are a tradition in everyday meals. Bella di Cerignola Green Olives are one of the most popular varieties of table olives, mainly used as an appetiser but even for salads and in aperitifs and cocktails.

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Castelvetrano Pitted Green Sweet Olives

Harvested before they are ripe so that the pulp is crisp and the color remains bright green. Among the varieties of D'Amico’s Olives, the Pitted Sweet Olives of Castelvetrano are among the most valuable Sicilian varieties, they have a rounded shape and a unique flavor: fruity and sweet. They are ideal to be tasted alone as a snack but also good for the preparation of appetizers or to enrich salads.

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Olives specialities

D'Amico rediscovers old tastes with the most traditional Italian products, with a rich range: very delightful vegetables, prepared according to the recipes of the past, inherited through Italian history, culture and tradition, to rediscover the healthiness and tastes of the past. Such specialties are dedicated to those who love healthy food, creativity and good taste.

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Pitted Leccino Olives

Among the most cultivated cultivars in Italy there are the Olive Leccino of Tuscan origin. Thanks to their delicate flavor, they are the ideal ingredient to season first courses, fill pizza or enrich salads. Thanks to their wide range, D'Amico Olives are perfect to enjoy in any occasion and even for those who follow a vegetarian and vegan diet.

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